Idea of the game

Artifizio is an easy to learn yet challenging card game that “plays” with art. As renowned curators, the players aim to place the paintings from their collection in a large new exhibition at the museum.

Discover ever new and surprising links between the different artworks, build up matching image galleries and be the first to play all your handcards.

Artifizio is no quiz, quartet or memory game, requires no card playing experience or art expertise and is therefore suitable for all players 8 and up. The game can be played by 2 to 6 players without any additional material and lasts about 30 minutes. Content: 98 cards.

Artifizio has been published 2018 under the name of Artline by the russian publisher Hobby World in a Hermitage edition.

How to play Artifizio

The players place their handcards (“paintings”) on the table (“in the museum”) next to cards already laying out. However, this is only possible if they find a common element in the adjacent images, building rows and columns of linked pictures (“galleries”) that show the same visual motif. At the end of their turns the players pick up a new card from the draw pile, unless they succeed in placing a card in two different galleries at the same time in one turn. The first one to play all handcards, wins.

Artifizio cards

Number of players

Number of players

2 to 6



8 and up

Playing time

Playing time

30 minutes

Download Artifizio game rules

Game Rules

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